Storage Services


Let’s face it…sometimes you just have too much stuff. Nobody wants to live in a state of constant clutter. So, what’s the solution? Rent a storage unit. What a hassle though, right? Getting all that stuff loaded and into a storage unit can be difficult and time consuming, especially in a city like New York. So, why not use storage space offered by a moving company? By doing so you can eliminate the hassle and leave the labor to the professionals.

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There are lots of things to consider when looking for a storage facility that suits your needs. The rates and length of your rental are two of the top things to consider. Will you require 24/7 access to your unit? Is it necessary to rent a climate–controlled unit?

These are just a few things to consider, along with the following: Short, long-term, and month-to-month rentals, Convenience to the City, Accessibility, On-site surveillance, Packing supplies sold on site, and Car & RV storage.


RESIDENTIAL STORAGE: Residential storage may be necessary if your family is downsizing or upsizing, moving, de-cluttering, or you simply need extra parking. Families grow, shrink, and make life transitions. Renting a storage unit can help eliminate stress and difficulty.

COMMERCIAL STORAGE: If you own a business, climate–controlled storage unit is perfect for storing business files, extra product inventory, equipment, vehicles, and more. Renting from a trusted storage facility is often a great way to store items you don’t have room for, or if you are in transition, or just need space for valuables. With rates and length of rental agreements to consider, as well as climate, security and other factors, it’s always important to do your research and make sure the facility is a good fit for your needs.

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